iPad App of the Week: Mobile TurboTax, File Your Taxes From Your Couch

It’s not much of a surprise that e-filing your taxes is becoming more and more popular. Beats sifting through mountains of papers. Well, now the popularity of e-filing is spilling over into the world of mobile apps, with Intuit’s well-known software TurboTax hitting the iPad. It’s a robust, full version of TurboTax, including in-app options to pay for upgrades, depending on the complexity of your return. It’ll work for anyone, no matter how simple or complicated the return is, and it’ll probably beat sitting at the computer for hours straight poring over your taxes. Only one caveat, though: you can’t import information already existing on your web-based account, including information from previous years’ returns. If you can get past that, TurboTax is a pretty solid suite of tax software for the iPad, available now from the iTunes App Store for free.

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