White Diamond iPhone 4, Because an iPhone is Forever

So you’re friend just went ahead and bought himself/herself a white iPhone 4. He’s awfully proud of himself/herself for having waited, and keeps rubbing it in you and your black iPhone’s face. Well, it’s finally payback time and this is how you’re gonna do it. Pick up the Platinum and diamonds covered, Pearl White iPhone 4 from Continental Mobiles and you’ll surely whip that smug look off of his/her face. This iPhone 4 has been covered with VS1 diamonds along its side profiles, and it is complimented by a silk finish of platinum. For an additional 2 grand or so, you can have an international concierge thrown in. This “white” iPhone 4 will cost you £6,999 (about $11,600 USD).  But hey, they say a diamond is forever, well now, so is an iPhone 4.

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  1. I would rather save that kind of money if I had it and not waste it on any smartphone no matter how great it is.

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