Five Year Old Scores Life-Size Doctor Who Tardis For Birthday

How big of an Doctor Who fan are you? Well you aren’t possibly as big a fan as this kid is who now has his very own life size Tardis. Zachary Smith, 5 from Somerset, England woke up on his birthday to find his very own type 40 time machine in his backyard.
Zachary just happens to big a huge Doctor Who fan, and his dad, along with his grandfather, spent two weeks putting this time machine together. I think they should consider doing this as a real business! The details of the Tardis are astounding… and many would drop a small fortune to own such a thing.

On top of his now real-life Tardis, Zachary was also able to score an authentic Doctor Who suit with sonic screwdriver to complete the regeneration.  Zachary is the envy of all his friends now (and I’m sure plenty of adults). But fortunately for his parents, his time lord skills are dormant at the moment.

[Via Daily Mail]

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