Win the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series for Mother’s Day!

The iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series isn’t just one of the best vacuum cleaning robots out there, it’s also ideal when it comes to getting rid of pet hair, food and dirt. The 562 series has actually been specifically designed for homes with pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits, but it will also do a great job cleaning up just about any home or apartment.

The iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series retails for $399, but we’re giving away one for mother’s day! Here is how to enter to win one for mom (or yourself!):

We’re giving away the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series. Here is how two enter to win:

1. Simply go ahead and Like our Facebook page and then leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us why you need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series.

2. Tweet at us with your suggestion “I want to win the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series http://bit.ly/jkeEyR @chip_chick #giveaway #mothersday

3. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series.


Last day to submit entries is May 7th!

Rules & Regulations: Only U.S. residents may submit entries. ChipChick.com and iRobot are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses. Winners are responsible for taxes. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Approximate value of prizes may vary. By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation over the internet and picture data storage). Wireless service is not included with the prize.


  1. I;d love to have an iRobot Roomba!!! Cause I have two little girls and a dog, nuf said?

  2. Hi,

    I left a Facebook comment and tweeted. I have a husky that sheds like crazy… and I get tired of sweeping and vacuuming! Winning this would be awesome.

  3. I need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because my canine babies make huge messes! I love my pups, I need help!

  4. I posted on fb (joseph gersch jr) and tweeted (@jtwark). I need the Roomba because of my two hairy dogs and cat… I love them, but not the mess!

  5. Would love to win the IRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series as I have several pets and a 3 year old.
    It would sure make my life a little easier and simplier!

  6. I need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because I am disabled and we have 4 cats, one has cancer and one just had major surgery – they are wearing me out. Two are long haired and leave hair all over the carpet. My wonderful husband wears himself out working 10 hour days and then taking care of me, the house, and the cats. It would be nice if the vacuuming could at least be done for him!

  7. I must have the iRobot Roomba because of the amount of bunny hairballs and hay that gets accumulated in every corner of my house.

  8. I have a husband, a 3 year old, a new kitten and a stray cat that visits us for shelter at night. I am in school and volunteer as a doula at a local hospital. I am busy and this would help a lot! 😀

  9. Wow! How did you know I had dog and needed a new way to pick up all that Winter undercoat she’s leaving around the house? Drought conditions have left our humble home dry and prone to static electricity. Our current vacuum struggles to pick up the bulk of the hair. Spring cleaning is tough when the vaccum can’t keep up. An iRobot Rumba (specially designed for pet messes) would be a perfect addition to our cleaning routine.

  10. I would LOVE to win the iRobot Roomba! I’m a very busy mommy, with 2 kids, a dog, a turtle, a hamster, a goldfish, and a hubby! Between the kids baseball, T-ball, guitar lessons, dance lessons, appointments, and on and on, cleaning is one thing that is hard to keep up. Especially since nobody else volunteers to help poor mommy out! I know the iRobot would be my BFF and help! Thanks so much for the chance to win, and happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there!


  11. I need iRobot Roomba 562 bcoz it will be grt help on cleaning my dogs hair from the carpet and kitchen.

  12. I have two cats and can never seem to keep up with the fur. Maybe a Roomba is the answer!

  13. Hi, I really could use this Robot. I think my room has now more hair than my dog 😉

  14. I need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because my house feels like an animal farm most days. I love the Roomba products so much and it will make my life a little easier. 🙂

  15. I would love to win this for my mom, who is in her early 70’s. she has to take care of her disabled husband a cat and their home. anything that will help her keep her home clean and allow her to focus her time and energy elsewhere, is a blessing. ~ Mark

  16. I would love to have the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series! I have been a loyal Rooma owner for years and have suggested your products to many people. Our last Roomba quit working not long ago and as much as I’d like to buy another one, finances prevent it right now. I was just divorced and need to sell the family home (I was a stay-at-home mom for 23 years and am now trying to find a job to help support myself and plan to go back to school). With 2 children and 4 cats, keeping the house “show-ready” will be a challenge and a new Roomba would help tremendously.

  17. Having 2 real house dogs means pet hair everywhere and kibble in the oddest places. I didn’t know there was a Pet Series Roomba, but it sounds like just what I need.

  18. I want to win the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because my regular Roomba needs a break from my cat and her maintenance. I got a Roomba for myself last year for Mother’s Day and I LOVE IT!!! The pet one could be dedicated to Pet intense areas. Thanks for your contest! ~Linda Winther Stanek

  19. My mother has 3 dogs, a husband and a many visitors living in a house in Florida and this would help greatly as her old Roomba that I got her a couple years ago went to Roomba heaven and had provided her that extra edge with the daily clean up of the floors.

  20. My mom needs one and I’d love to buy her one, but can’t afford it. She has 3 Welsh Corgis, a great dane/black lab mix, and 2 cats. This would be perfect for her!!!

  21. As a mother of four, not including my hubbie, and having muple sclerosis and pets (not necessarily in that order) a Roomba pet series would be a real blessing to me.

  22. My husband I need the IRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because we have 4 fabulous cats! One of them is a Blue Point, long hair Himalayan and his hair alone is enough for 4 cats! As with most cats, they are scared to death of our stand up vacuum…, and the Roomba would be great. Infact I think our youngest cat would love to watch and play with it. We are supporters of our local SPCA and 3 of our cats are rescues. Our cats and us would greatly appreciate the Pet Series Roomba!

  23. would LOVE to win the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series!!! I have two small dogs and two kids, so I’m constantly vacuuming! I know it would would be a huge time & energy saver! 🙂

  24. I would LOVE to win the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series!!! I have two small dogs and two kids, so I’m constantly vacuuming! I know it would be a huge time & energy saver! 🙂

  25. I need the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series because on top of having a dog I have 3 year old triplets contributing to the mess.

  26. i could use the iRobot Roomba 562 because I would have to vacuum 7 days a week to adequately keep up with our dog’s shedding — would be easier if I could just program this to do it! 🙂

  27. I would need the iRobot Roomba 562 PET because my Grandmon has a Chiuaua that sheds A LOT, and since she is older she can hardly do cleaning.

  28. I need a iRobot Roomba. Aside from having both a sister with long hair and a shedding cat, I’m also on our high school robotics team. I’d like to try reverse engineering the autonomous functions employed on the Roomba series to map out unknown terrain and generate a dimensional map. Then that map can be deployed to other autonomous robots to cary out certain tasks at hand.

    Also, my house is dirty.

  29. We have 3 cats and a young daughter. A Roomba would be very useful!
    maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

  30. Two puppies, an 18-year-old cat, a 10-week-old kitten, 2 children, and a messy husband who wants another kitten or two.

  31. This is a great giveaway idea! This would be a great gift for mom. She’s not willing to suck it up and replace her previously failed non-pet version. It likely was worked too hard cleaning up after the dogs, so the pet version would hopefully hold up better and give her a much needed hand in maintaing the house!

  32. I need a roomba because I have 2 long haired cats and 2 little boys who leave traces of themselves everywhere! THey can’t eat cereal without spilling it all over the floor! I also have a newborn, so I have very little time to get out the vacuum to clean up after all of them! THis would be a huge help!!

  33. I hate to vacuum, but I need to everyday! With 2 pets and 4 kids it’s a necessity I don’t always have time for! This would be awesome

  34. With 4 pets and 3 kids, my carpets get dirty! I need this because my Dyson has finally died and I have been wanting a Roomba-make that the wife has. THis would make a great gift (might have to get her some flowers too 🙂

  35. commented on fb..I would like to win because I hate to vacuum! Of course, I hate dirty carpets more! I have 3 pets and 3 messy kids…this would be a lifesaver!!

  36. I would like to win this for my daughter..she is so crazy busy with the kids that vacuuming is not always on the schedule. She also has several hairy, shedding pets to look after. Thanks..liked and commented on fb as well

  37. I’d LOVE IT, but I’m young and need the extra activity that cleaning the dirty floors give hahaha… but my mom, MOM needs it… seems like the floor at their house are always dirty.. i can feel it when I forget my slipper… dust.. and what not settles on it so fast.. to keep up mom would have to sweep daily…. and she definitely doesnt need the extra work. She wakes up at 5AM to workout eat breakfast… work 8-5AM.. and comes home cooks dinner.. dishes etc… Dad will never clean the floor.. he does it MAYBE once a year if he gets nagged for the half the year haha so… yeah mom needs the ROOMBA to take a huge load off her back and have more time to rest and relax 🙂 The Roomba makes a perfect mother’s day gift! Cheers!

    abitnerdygirl (at) gmail (dot) com :)*

  38. I like to win this for my mom. She’s getting old and it’d be nice to have a roomba clean for her. Left FB comment and tweeted @bigvincec

  39. I need this irobot roomba vacuum because this is an amazing product and I need to win something free this year. Plus the amount of hair it picks up is amazing! Thanks for doing the contest.

  40. My mom is getting old and should ot bending over a lot to pick up messes the Roomba would help immensely!!!

  41. I need this for my mom, she has a couple of cats and it’s getting difficult for her to manage on her own – between her age and her arthritis. I don’t want her to turn into one of those crazy cat ladies you see on TV, so this would be perfect for her!

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