Airbus Says Airplanes in 2050 Will Have Transparent Walls

Airbus is showing off a concept design for what they envision airplane cabins of the future to look like, and it sure is trippy. The airplane cabin of the future, which is expected to land circa 2050, will have a transparent cabin wall. Passengers will be afforded panoramic views as they sore through the sky. That sounds amazing and kind of frightening all at once.
The concept design also shows off special seats that are able to fit to a passenger’s body shape. Customers will also be able to stay entertained by enjoying a game of virtual golf via virtual pop-up projections or they could choose to take part in an interactive conference. Meanwhile, a “vitalizing zone” will help passengers relic with vitamin and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments. Other amenities include holographic gaming and virtual changing rooms for shoppers.

Vice-president Charles Champion said: “Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment.”

We say. Bullocks! A ship like this will never make it into the skies by 2050. In fifty years of commercial flights, the airplane design and traveling experience has basically remained stationary, so we doubt much will change within twenty years – especially when the ongoing trend is for airlines to keep cutting down on amenities as much as possible. The reality is that years ago passengers were treated like royalty when they traveled the airways. Today, we’re treated like patronized cattle. So we highly doubt that things will look up by 2050.


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