Archos G9 Series is First Honeycomb Tablet with a 250GB Hard Drive

Archos has unveiled a slew of new Android tablets, and these tablets are actually the first tablets to feature “real” hard drives as opposed to just flash memory. The Archos G9 runs on a powerful dual-core 1.5ghz processor, Honeycomb 3.0, and packs in 250GB of memory courtesy of a Momentus Thin drive. The G9 series comes in two models – the Archos 80, which is an 8 inch tablet, and the Archos 101, a 10 inch model. Both tablets will be available starting in September for a very reasonably priced – $279 and $349, respectively. This pricing is extremely competitive, especially for tablets running Honeycomb.

But perhaps even more exciting is the news that these tablets will be available with 320GB, 250GB or 160gb capacities. Take that 32GB! The Seagate Momentus thin hard drive that resides inside these tablets is actually the world’s first 2.5 inch hard drive with a 7mm profile. These drives are available with 7200RPM or 5400RPM spin speeds, and come with 16mb of cache.