Phosphor E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch Review

If you thought E Ink was only relegated to Ebooks, think again. Phosphor’s E Ink watch series is one of the first wrist watches to feature an E Ink display, which uses the same electronic paper display that you’ll find in the Kindle, Nook, and other  E-books. Phosphor’s E Ink watch series is also super stylish and should appeal to both the professional as well as hipster crowd. Coming from a woman who owns several dozen watches alone, the E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch stands high above the average digital watch I have in my collection.

The E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch comes in a black leather version, which should make it appealing to both men and women.  However there is a stainless steel and a polyurethane version of the watch as well, if you like options.  The watch is also a bit ergonomic in design, as the face is slightly curved to conform to the shape of your wrist. However the low-profile design of the face of the watch enables the cell battery to protrude from the back of the face a bit, leaving a circle indent on your wrist after many hours of wear. This certainly doesn’t interfere with the comfort of wearing the watch, but it is more of an annoyance if anything. We reviewed the black leather band version of the watch and it is especially appealing on the wrist. The red trim adds a feminine touch and also felt very comfortable to wear. I have elicited many compliments for wearing such a unique looking watch.

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The watch features a standard numeric digital display in one mode and a graphic hour clock display in another. You can also switch between white-on-black to a black-on-white time display. Given the type of lighting you may find yourself in, these different modes may enhance the viewing of time or just switch up the look of the watch. The E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch also has two flush buttons on both sides of the watch. The button on the right side when pressed, will alternate the white-on-black to black-on-white time display. While the button on the left when pressed will let you rotate through the date, an alarm,  and the standard numeric digital view of the time. The buttons can be a bit stiff to press but I like that they are flush to the sides of the watch, adding an even more polished look when wearing it. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters, but if you have the model that sports a leather band, I probably wouldn’t suggest submerging it in water for extra long periods of time… Just after a few weeks of wearing and testing the watch – the leather is already showing some slight signs of being worn, and from what we can tell, the band can’t be swapped out or replaced easily.

Overall, Phosphor’s E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch makes technology seriously fashionable. The watch successfully takes technology commonly found in one place and implements it in a unique way that is not only smart, but cool too. The watch is comfortable to wear, easy to read, and it manages to fit in both a business or casual environment. The only drawback for some may be that it doesn’t have a stopwatch feature, but that is a minor flaw. For anyone looking for a forward-thinking, hip watch, they will want to own this watch. The E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch with Black Leather Band retails for $185.

The Good: Fashionable and the perfect watch for those who love technology. Comfortable to wear, unisex, and big digits make it easy to read.

The Bad: A bit pricey, buttons tend to be on the stiff side. Doesn’t look like you can switch out the wrist straps.

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