Find a Captain Kirk With Your Star Trek TOS TriCut Dress

Not sure what to wear to Comic-Con this year? How about a nice Star Trek uniform. Sure it may be to early to start planning, but that shouldn’t stop hard core Star Trek fans from dressing up in their favorite TOS (the original series) uniform or even one from the movie. Not only can you dress up as one of the captains of the ship, but also as one of the ladies as well. It’s a rarity to find a quality replica of the uniforms worn by the females aboard the Enterprise and now you can. The TriCut dress was constructed using the original patterns from the CBS archives and the fabric was dyed to match screen used swatches from original series. However, even for a a get-up like this, the dresses don’t come cheap and retail for $325.99 and $340.99 respectively. What would Spock say!

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