Noon Style Solar Bags Burns a Hole in Your Wallet, Not the Ozone Layer

We have written about Noon Style Solar bags once before – a few years ago. Back then they were attempting to make solar bags not only ecological but also super trendy. At the time there was only one such bag in their line-up, but now they have unleashed four brand new styles. Each more expensive and fashionable than the next. The Augusta, Elston, Linden, and Logan ( who has since been updated a bit) are now included in this high-end selection of solar bags.

All are designed to be unisex bags and feature solar panels with an exterior equal to that of Coach or Louis Vuitton. All materials are naturally dyed,  feature chemical free leather, and in some cases brass hardware. All the bags could easily charge and carry laptops, tablets, cellphones etc…while at the same time being a great bag to use for work or a night out on the town.

Each bag is one-of-a-kind, so there is a slim possibility that it may not look exactly like what you see on the site. Currently prices range from $467 to $411 for each bag. Which may put a hole in your wallet but not in the sun.