Wear Your Business Card on Your Wrist with Skanz Bracelets with QR Codes

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to communicate with someone, as a matter of fact there are so many ways to reach someone, that a traditional business card almost can’t handle it. We’re talking phone numbers, email, instant message screen names, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, the list could go on and on. Skanz wants to make it easier for people to network with one another by instantly exchanging their business contact information through wearable QR codes. Skanz bands feature a QR-coded Socialprint that can be printed on a silicon band or even onto an iPhone case. These silicon bands are designed to replace the traditional business card.

Skanz are being launched tomorrow in New York at CE Week, where attendees will be given wearable Skanzbands with their own QR coded Socialprint. While we can’t imagine people wearing Skanzbands in everyday settings, at a conference like CE Week, which is all about networking, it makes tons of sense for attendees to use Skanz to be able to efficiently share all their contact information with new people that they meet. All someone has to do is use a QR reader app on their phone to scan the QR code in and they will be taken to a Skanzsite mobile site which has contains all of the band wearer’s contact info.

Skanz is compatible with most smartphones and with just about any QR reader app, but there is also a free QR code Reader Skanz App available for Android and iPhone.

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