Super 8 – IMAX Film Review

Super 8, the action thriller written and directed by J.J.Abrams, and produced by Steven Spielberg, is anything but slow. This sci-fi epic was action-packed and features a well developed plot coupled with realistic theater-shaking effects.

Named for the old Super 8 video cameras that are used in the movie by middle school film buffs the style of filming gives Super 8 a very nostalgic feel. You don’t need any real cues to get a sense that the movie takes place in a small town in the late 1970s. While filming their own amateur zombie thriller, the middle schoolers witness a train being intentionally derailed. After the epic derailment, bizarre occurrences begin going down around town.

While the trailers were mysterious and vague, the film did not fail to deliver a solid plot, great character development, visual eye candy, and a pretty emotional back story. While the actors and actresses are lesser known, they all put on a phenomenal performance, including Dakota Fanning’s little sister Elle.

Without giving away any of the plot, it’s worth noting that you could not expect anything less from JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. This ‘creature feature’ may not be for everyone, but there are aspects of the movie that anyone will be able to appreciate. For us it was the old techie gadgets and recognizable products. We have no doubt that Super 8 will shake up the box office this summer! It has a familiar feel to Abrams’ film Cloverfield, but will appeal to a much broader audience.

Super 8 is rated PG-13 and is not as scary as it is suspenseful and thrilling. It runs just under two hours and is available in IMAX. Even though there’s no 3D available, the IMAX was worth the few extra bucks to appreciate the stunning filmography on a larger high-res screen with even more intense sound effects.