Go Safe Bag Protects Your iPad Like a Medieval Warrior

We might have just located the perfect bag for Lady Gaga, or Cersei from Game of Thrones – the Defender Go Safe bag. This portable Anti-theft bag is ideal for protecting your 15″ laptop, iPad, or just about anything you put into it. So why did I mention Lady Gaga or Cersi? Well just look at it!  Its exterior features a metal armor that is reminiscent of the chain mail armor worn by  medieval warriors.

Plus, the handle that the bag uses is actually a four-dial combination lock. The bag consists of four layers of protection – the outer metal shell, a slash resistant layer, a water resistant layer,  and a protective liner.

There is also an internal pocket for additional organization.

We spent sometime with the bag and it certainly got some oohs and ahhs in the street. Little did they know this bag was designed to probably withstand just about anything, besides being trendy-looking for holding gadgets.

The Go Safe will retail for $49.99 and be available from Homedics sometime in September or October.

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