iFloat Pool Speaker Will Keep the Music Going While Your iPod Stays Dry

It’s hot and sunny and we want to take a dip in the pool but we also want to enjoy our music.  Instead of putting our iPod/iPhone/MP3 player in one of those cases or bags that claim to be waterproof. Why not just keep it away from the water altogether with the iFloat Pool Speaker.

Instead of taking a chance that your pricey gadget falls into your lovely pool to die a water-logged death. The iFloat Pool Speaker is a 900mhz pool speaker that will float on the water and transmit your music wirelessly while you lay in your tube sipping a cocktail.

There are 6 water resistant speakers that promises to deliver quality sound for 4 full hours. Just place the speaker no further than 150ft away from the transmitter – sit back and catch a tan.

The iFloat Pool Speaker retails for $129.99.

One Comment

  1. Looks like a great gadget to have during the Summer since relaxing pool side is nothing without an Apple product. =-)