TouchTec II iPad / iPhone Stylus and Ballpoint Pen Review

A while back we reviewed TouchTec’s Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus. The TouchTec Pen is a pen that doubles as a stylus for touchscreen devices. TouchTec has now released an update to their pen.

As a stand-alone ballpoint pen, the latest TouchTec pen continues to look sharp and professional, especially in black. We also appreciate its slim form-factor which we find easier to use when drawing and writing. But the most significant change to the TouchTec Pen is that the pen no longer uses a flat round tip made from a leather-like material. Instead, the tip is made of a rounded rubber-like material, which can be best described as a hollow ball. Because the tip is rounded, the pen now allows for finer precision when drawing and writing. Also, because the tip is hollow, it also helps create some level of pressure when drawing and writing.

Overall, this new tip design has addressed our biggest issue with TouchTec’s previous Stylus Pen. While we do hope that one day they can figure out how to develop a stylus with a sharp, ballpoint-like tip, for now TouchTec’s stylus pen is the best you’re going to get for the iPad and iPhone. Of-course, the pen stylus will also work with just about any device with a capacitive display. The TouchTec II Pen retails for just $18.95 on Amazon, and it’s available in both black or silver, in a choice of 9mm or 7mm sizes.

The Good: Thin profile, new rounded tip allows for finer precision

The Bad: Still not a sharp pointy tip like a real pen