V-Moda for True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones Review

The new V-Moda for True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones have finally landed in our hands and unlike other pairs of headphones that may make their skin burn, these are delicious enough for Eric or Bill to sink their teeth into. All in all, the V-Moda for True Blood V-80 Headphones provide you with a rich balanced sound that will make you desire it as much as Sookie Stackhouse.

What’s in the Box:

* V-Moda for True Blood V-80 Headphones
* Exoskeleton Carrying Case that Features a Blood Vial Zipper
* 1-Button Audio + Mic Kevlar Cable
* Kevlar Cable without Remote
* Gold-Plated Stereo Adapter, 1/8″ Jack to 1/4″ Plug


Our first impressions of the V-Moda for True Blood V-80 On-Hair Headphones based on product shots, made us think that they were just as big as the V-Moda Crossfade LP, but that is not the case. Instead the V-80’s are actually 53% smaller than the Crossfade LP.  However, they don’t lack for sound or quality because of their smaller ear-cup size.

It is true that the design of the V-80 is very similar to the Crossfade LP, but there are some fundamental differences. For starters, there is of course the True Blood branding that adorns both sides of the headphone’s band. The top portion of the headband is covered with a durable suede material, while the inside lining is a deep red color. The headband itself  is extremely comfortable and ergonomic. The headband in not only a joy to wear, but it is also extremely bendable. That makes it easy to transport if you decided to leave its carrying case at home.

And even though the ear-cups are smaller than the Crossfades’ ear-cups, they don’t lack in comfort. The ergosoft memory foam cups contour to your ears for a snug fit and seal your ears for an intimate listening experience. The exterior of the cups feature a  brushed metal shield  that eventually can be swapped out so that you can shape-shift into your style. There will be plenty of custom metal shields to choose from very soon too.

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Sound Quality:

If you are looking for an extremely balanced sounding pair of headphones. Then the V-80’s are it. These pair of headphones didn’t take just a year to make and perfect – it took several years to come to market and the fact that it’s being cross marketed with True Blood is just an extra cherry on top for TB fans. Specifically the V-80’s feature a 40mm Dual-Diaphragm drivers, Beatport 3D soundstage, and Bliss Noise Isolation.

You can hear and feel the time what went into making these headphones for mass consumption. V-Moda prides themselves on making a quality product and this latest entry is no exception and is far from gimmicky – despite the True Blood tie-in. The music is balanced and rich at kbps as high as 1536 to as low as 128Kbps for all different genres.  Of course the V-80’s did much better on the higher end of that spectrum – as do many headphones, but lower kbps audio files found on most smartphones, iPhones, iPod’s, and MP3 players will get a new lease on life when playing through these on-ear headphones.

For those that love their bass, midrange, as well as treble – you will find it all here but in a much more balanced listening experience. You can certainly alter your experience with your EQ settings on your device, but out of the box, these headphones give you no extremes  – one way or another. The sound reproduction is balanced not only in playback but between both ear-cups. Pull one or the other way from your ear, for a moment and the sound is exactly the same coming out of both.

Due to the smaller cups, the listening experience gives you a more intimate feeling, while, the Crossfades LP give you a more fuller concert like experience. It just depends on how you want to listen to your music and if you prefer the bigger cups versus the smaller ones. It is also important to actually wear the headphones on your head the correct way – or they won’t be comfortable nor will they sound correct as they are made to contour to your ears. That means you should make sure that the right ear cup is worn on your right ear and so on.

V-Moda also includes two Kevlar cables with the V-80. One of the cables contains a mic with a remote to use with your smartphone or iPhone for answering and ending calls – this is a nice touch and it works well.

Personally, as a woman I find the V-80’s less cumbersome to bring around places, and I’m more likely to travel with them and leave the Crossfade LP’s at home. The V-80’s are also a bit less subtle while wearing around town, versus the Crossfade LP’s design, which is more loud and flashy for sitting in the park or riding the subway.


The V-Moda for True Blood V-80 headphones are a welcome addition in this over-saturated headphone market. While the tie-in with a cable show might put some people off – we tell you to look past that and experience these on-ear headphones for what they are – and that is top notch sound reproduction for your ears. The quality of the headphones are outstanding as well as the music that emanates from them.  After several hours of listening to them – they only got better, and if you choose to play higher kbps audio files – you will only be rewarded for it.

Overall, the subtle True Blood inclusions will certainly attract fans of the show, but for those who are audiophiles or fans of V-Moda – the V-80’s are another pair of headphones that you will want to add to your arsenal, without breaking the bank too much. The  V-Moda for True Blood V-80 headphones retail for $230, with a two year warranty, and are available now.

The Good: Balanced sound reproduction. Build quality is outstanding. Comfortable. True Blood fans get a treat and V-Moda devotees will love this new addition to their line. Excels at both high and low kbps audio files.

The Bad: Those not fans of True Blood might be turned-off by the tie-in. Might be pricey for some. For those who enjoy headphones that exemplify extreme highs or lows… these may not be the headphones for you.

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