Vintcase Portfolio iPad 2 Case Review

“The Vintcase is the best way to give your modern tablet a classic look,” and indeed it does look classic. This beautiful high quality brown cowhide leather case is hand-crafted in Spain and makes your iPad 2 scream ‘class’.

The Vintcase for iPad 2 is interestingly designed. There’s a leather cord that wraps around the portfolio three times. Every time I unravel this cord and open the first of two covers, I feel as if I am opening up a vintage turn-of-the-century notebook full of esoteric blueprints and designs. There’s also a shorter leather cord with a fastener included. The outer cover is just a flap of the very soft cowhide leather. The inner cover, overlayed on top of iPad’s screen, is reinforced and double sided. This inner cover also doubles a stand to prop iPad upright. When folding both flaps behind iPad, the case will sit at a very slight incline, helpful for typing.

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Vintcase has cutouts for the charging/syncing port, the headphone jack, and the lock button. The cutouts could all be larger, and it’s a bit tricky to hit to lock button or properly line up a charging/syncing cable. There are holes on the back of the case for iPad’s speaker. Unfortunately, there are no cutouts for iPad 2’s microphone or back camera. The iPad is inserted under a frame through the side. There’s nothing locking iPad under the frame, but with the case closed it’s impossible for iPad to come out.

Vintcase is not too heavy and at under one inch, it’s not too thick either. It may not be one of the quickest cases to open, with two covers and a cord, but it keeps iPad well protected. The stand is extremely easy and quick to use. Unlike other iPad stands, you don’t have to worry about lining it up perfectly, or snapping anything together. To use it as a stand, the soft outer cover lays on the surface and the reinforced cover folds behind iPad and rests on the outer cover. It’s not the sturdiest stand, but it’s sturdy enough and serves it’s purpose.

All-in-all Vintcase is one of the nicest, classiest, and vintage looking cases we have gotten our hands on. The brown, slightly distressed, cowhide leather is gorgeous (and smells good too). It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use with the built-in stand. The weight and thickness are more or less average for an iPad portfolio cases. There are two leather cords included, a short one with a fastener, and a long one for wrapping around the Vintcase. The drawbacks are it takes a few extra seconds to open, you can’t use your back camera with the case on, and the cutouts could all be larger.  We also like that it doesn’t look like an iPad case, it looks like something much more sophisticated and scholarly. The “Original” Vintcase for iPad 2 can only be purchased from Vintcase.com for 79 € (~$115) + 18 € (~$26). At roughly $140 shipped, this is by far the most expensive iPad case we have reviewed. It’s much too pricey for us, but hey…you can’t put a price on class.

The Good: Comfortable, Vintage and Scholarly Looking, Built-In Stand, Nice Protection, Two Different Leather Straps Included

The Bad: No Smart Cover, No Cutout for Back Camera or Mic, Expensive, Cutout for Lock and Charging Port too Small