World’s Most Beautiful Magazine Debuts in 3D for the iPad and Android Tablets

World’s Most Beautiful (WMB) Magazine debuted this week. What makes this magazine stand out from the pack? Well it could have something to do with the fact that from the front to the back cover, it is a true 3D magazine. Yes 3D glasses are required to read it, so that you truly take advantage of the technology that went into producing this magazine.

Is this a gimmicky idea? Sure it is. But you have to give props to Nick Saglimbeni and his team of wonderful photographers, artists, and engineers who have created this premiere issue and will continue to make future issues. First and foremost, ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ could mean several things to this magazine. Beautiful people, beautiful locations, and beautiful toys. The photography is lush and even in the 2D version of the magazine, you feel as if you can touch the people and the items on the page.

For those that have no luck actually finding the magazine in stores, WMB is smart enough to offer it on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets. The App version of the magazine still feature the 3D technology, as well as 2D. So you get the best of both worlds for the same price. In order to take advantage of the 3D images, you are prompted to make your device very bright and to turn the lights down so that the pictures pop out and give you the full 3D effect. Lucky enough, I had a pair of the traditional red and blue paper 3D glasses for the App. However, if you don’t have, WMB sells several styles of 3D glasses that range from free to $12 dollars a pair.

For WMB magazine’s premiere issue, its all about Kim Kardashian.  She is the cover girl for the first issue and can be found on at least 8 pages in complete 3D or 2D glory. Along with Kim is model Sonia Vera, World Poker Tour’s Melanie Iglesias, fancy cars, Italy, and some pricey watches. The magazine is thin on actual editorial content but big on risque pictures. The 3D technology certainly makes World’s Most Beautiful a stunning magazine to flip though on your iPad or in your hands. Other than the eye candy though, it’s thin on actual content. Guys will certainly love the pictures of the handpicked photo-shopped girls and luxury gadgets. For the ladies, it might make you head to the treadmill stat.

Each issue of WMB will cost $4.99 to download on your iPad, iPhone, or Android.

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