World’s Most Expensive Flip Flop Costs $18K

Ok, so shoes may not technically be a gadget. But like gadgets, they are also a girl’s best friend. And this is why we have to talk about the world’s most expensive Flip Flop. This absurdly expensive pair of beach-friendly shoes are not Manolo Blahniks,  but they are actually from Chipkos and were hand-painted by renowned Los Angeles artist, David Palmer. Each pair rings up at $18,000.

Chipkos sandals sport an unconventional “square” toe design that are a throwback to the Osho slippers of the 60’s, where it was all about breaking the norms. And although they are pretty funky, the pair is not emblazoned with diamonds, or even Swarovski crystals. So how can they justify the price? Along with each purchase, Chipkos will go ahead and protect one hundred square feet of the rain forest. Or more specifically, each sandal purchase expands a Costa Rican national park.

“We believe that people are ready for a wearable badge to express their support for nature conservation,” says former math teacher and Chipkos’ Chief Nature Ambassador, Priya Jaggia.

But if you’re still looking for a little more value for your pocket change, the flip-flops do feature a 6 gram solid 18 carat eco-friendly gold Chipkos emblem, they come with a Mahogany wood and glass display case, a certificate of authenticity, and an eco-friendly Chipkos carrying bag.

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  1. I think that’s not practical anymore maybe for a millionaire it is, Anyway I do love the design and the colors. Slippers/Shoes collector grab one now!