Juicey Couture Yorkie iPod Speaker is a Party Animal

Juicy Couture loves stuffing speakers into stuffed plush animals and this latest one might be the cutest yet. The Yorkie iPod speaker looks more like a pink West Highland Terrier than a Yorkie but it’s still adorable.

The Yorkie’s paws depict symbols for the volume and power button. We can’t tell if the paws are actually functional or those are just designs. Nor does it say in the product description. On the backside of the Yorkie is were you put in your iPod, inside the dog’s backpack. The speaker is compatible with just about any type of audio device as long as it has a headphone jack.

We can’t imagine the sound being that great coming out of this thing but for those who love dogs, especially pink Yorkies, then a $68 investment is well worth it.