Your Cat Will Be Spinning Tunes Like DJ Pauly D with the Cat Scratch

If you buy your cat just one toy this year, please let it be this one! This latest SUCK UK creation is the cat scratching DJ Box. Don’t let your kitty takes its aggression out on your furniture or curtains. Instead place this super cool looking cat toy in front of them and watch how they spin that turntable with their nails.

The design of the DJ Cat Scratch is even true to a real-life DJ turntable. The tone arm for example and the base has been designed to replicate the real deal. To that effect, the deck completely spins as the cat attacks it with its nails. All your kitty is missing is a hot pair of headphones and a spot on David Letterman and you’ll be set for life. The Cat Scratch retails for £15.99. ($25 USD)

Update 9/29/2011: Get those smartphone cameras ready, because it looks like the DJ Cat Scratch has landed stateside at Perpetual Kid for $34.99. The first person who can send us a pic/video of their cat spinning tracks will win a prize.

One Comment

  1. This would be the greatest thing ever if it actually worked… but it probably wouldn’t.  Let’s see some YouTube videos of cats using it.