Cocoon Central Park Sports Backpack with Grid-It Review

It’s products like the Cocoon Central Park Sports Backpack that make me want to go back in school; it’s a great sporty backpack for us tech people. The Central Park Sport features the oh-so-cool Grid-It organizer, a padded compartment for laptops up to 17″, media pockets, expandable side pockets, a stow-away water resistant hood, and more!

The Central Park Sport is quite versatile. It’s medium-sized backpack, but it can accommodate and organize a good amount of stuff, including all of your techie gadgets. The main zippered compartment features a padded laptop pocket for laptops up to 17″ with a velcro seal. There are also 2 document pockets in this main compartment. The secondary zippered compartment has handy pocket organizers and media pockets to store small devices. The included Grid-It organizer can also be found in this pocket, though it’s independent from the backpack and can be used for any traveling needs. There’s a pocket on the front of the backpack, and a small pocket on the top of the backpack with a hole for headphones.

On both sides of the backpack are compression straps and expandable side pockets. On the very bottom of the backpack is a zippered pocket that stores a stow-away water resistant hood; it’s essentially a rain jacket for your backpack. The backpack straps are large and well cushioned. There’s a handle on the top for easy lifting and carrying. The part that rests on your back is well cushioned and made of a breathable material that helps keep your back from getting too hot. There’s no waist strap, but there’s a sternum (chest-level) strap which helps take some weight off of your shoulders.

Although it’s not actually part of the backpack, the included Grid-It Organizer was one of our favorite features. This reinforced board is full of rubberized interwoven elastic straps ideal for organizing all sorts of small items and accessories. There are an endless amount of configurations, which is the best part. If you enjoy tetris, you’ll surely enjoy organizing your gadgets and accessories on the Grid-It for safe travels. It can accommodate objects of all shapes and sizes. The back of Grid-It even functions as a mouse pad!

It’s been a few weeks with the Central Park Sport and it’s been working very well. It even got us through “Hurricane” Irene with the stow-away hood. After feeling it hands on, you can immediately tell that it’s a durable and well-built backpack that should last years. The fabric is thick and is ready for a beating. It’s very comfortable, and sits nicely whether it’s filled up or completely empty. The Cocoon Central Park Sport is available in Black, Java Brown, Gun Gray, or Racing Red (shown) for $79.99 on CocoonInnovations.com. It can be seen for as low as $43.99 on Amazon. Even at $80, the Cocoon Central Park Sport (with included Grid-It organizer) will pay itself off over the years of use.

Good: Durable, Comfortable, Water Resistant Hood, Grid-It included, Good Pockets
Bad: No Waist Strap, Sternum Strap not Removable