IKEA Share Space Inspires a Geek Girl to Get Trendy with Furniture

Share Space is a new project from IKEA where IKEA customers have the opportunity to share their own spaces with others. It’s kind of like an online playground for “aspiring” interior designers, or rather, folks like myself, who enjoy redecorating their spaces at home.

I decided to take this opportunity to transform an empty area of my bedroom into a home office space. My goal was to create a fun space with a mod vibe. I knew right away that I wanted to use simple, but bold colors, to help create a retro look for the room.

The first product that stood out for me in IKEA’s catalog was the SKRUVSTA Swivel chair with the ANKARSVIK multicolor print. Because the chair’s fabric is so dynamic, I then sought out a minimalist desk that would allow the colorful patterns on the ANKARSVIK chair to shine. As a result, I decided to go with the MICKE Desk in white. This long tabletop desk with two drawers desk is quite a steal for $69. As a matter of fact, it has enough desk space for two to comfortably work side-by-side. The desk also features convenient cable outlets, along with compartment in the back that manages to keep cords and cables out of sight. This is a must for me because my desk is always full of an unsightly mess of tangled cables, usually coming from the smartphones and other gadgets that I am testing.

Assembling the desk took just under two hours and it was a pretty straightforward process. I can’t help but compare the process of building IKEA furniture to a kind of “LEGOs for adults”. After all, it’s about snapping big piece together to create something new. I went ahead and accessorized the desk with an orange DOKUMENT Pencil cup and threw a nearly matching red FNISS Wastepaper basket underneath it. Both of these accessories pick up colors from the patterns on the ANKARSVIK chair.

I chose the multicolor LUSY BLOM rug to rest in the center of the room. Like the ANKARSVIK chair, it too sports fun, yet retro colors, and its bold patterns make an interesting contrast to the ANKARSVIK chair. It turns out that the ANKARSVIK Swivel chair is super comfortable, even more so than the pricey and very traditional looking leather ergonomic chair that I was using previously. The ANKARSVIK provides good back support, and its seat cushion is very soft – and these are two essentials when you’re sitting at the computer writing for hours on end.

Speaking of great seats, as soon as I spotted the TIRUP Swivel chair, I knew this would have to be my guilty pleasure. At $399, the Kavat white version of the chair is on the pricey side, but it really helps complete the chic mod I was aiming for. I find its extra wide seat to be fun to relax on while watching a movie on my tablet at the end of the day.

I discovered that the FLYN JORUN Panel curtain, which comes in a pack of 3 was a perfect compliment to my gray wall. The FLYN JORUN Panel curtains were actually the most time consuming to set-up, more so than the MICKE Desk, but the finishing result was worth all of the effort because it’s so much more dynamic than the typical set of blinds or curtains that you usually find in front of most patio doors.

Finally, I picked up the PJÄTTERYD picture featuring a two-tone version of Audrey Hepburn to hang above the MICKE desk. Audrey is one of my favorite actresses of all time and she is also the epitome of mod chic, so this was a great find to finish off the space.

Overall, I had a lot of fun participating in this program, and I’m really proud of the completed space. But Share Space isn’t just about showing off your own spaces, it’s also a great place to pick up ideas and get inspired by how other IKEA customers are using IKEA Furnishings and accessories to dress up their home. You can check out other people’s Workspaces, Children’s rooms, bathrooms kitchens, Living rooms, and more. Each space has IKEA items tagged in the “Space’s” photo, so that you can find out more info about the item with just a click. I’ll be the first to secretly admit that I enjoy visiting people’s homes, especially to see how they have decorated. In a way Share Space lets you do that – but without all the pleasantries required in a real visit.

Want to see more of the finished design? Take another look at my finished IKEA Share Space at:

The transformation…

The finishing touches…


The IKEA Share Space is made by and for people like you. You don’t have to be an interior designer, just a lover of design. It’s a place where you can admire rooms you like and save them. You can even select IKEA products to save to your wishlist. Get started by adding your own home, or just take a look through others. So come back as often as you’d like to inspire and be inspired!

I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period.