Geek Meets Chic with Kidrobot for Swatch Watches

From classy to sporty, we can usually rely on Swatch to deliver something stylish, regardless of our lifestyle. Now, Swatch has gone geek with their new line of watches, produced in partnership with Kidrobot. The zany, collectible (and sometimes ridiculously expensive) toys now come in watch form via the Swatch website. There are eight different designer watches to choose from, each of them coming in at $70. At the core, these are standard, plastic watches and are waterproof. The real prize here are the designs, each personally created by different artists working in conjunction with Kidrobot.

Kidrobot collectibles are practically status symbols in the geek world today, so if you want to get some love from the like-minded on the street, one of these watches will get you there. The Swatch online store has them for sale right now.

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