The Powerbag is Like a Portable Con Edison for Your Gadgets

How many of us have had their phone or laptop die on them and there was no electrical outlet in sight? The Powerbag might actually put those annoyances to bed for good because it will charge all your devices at one shot. The Powerbag comes as a backpack, a sling and even a tablet bag.  How does it work exactly? Well this lightweight bag comes with the ability to charge 4 mobile devices at a time using the included pre-routed connectors for 1 micro-usb, 1 mini-usb and 1 Apple device.

When the devices are connected to the Powerbag Charging System, it will automatically detect the connected gadgets in the bag and begin charging each one. Eventually the Powerbag does run out of juice and gets recharged by being plugged into any standard wall outlet with the included AC Adapter.  The Powerbag comes with a built-in, rechargeable and removable battery, a 3000 mAh or 6000 mAh battery, based on the model.

“Powerbag brings together function and convenience with impeccable style.  Just charge the bag and it does the rest, so you can leave your cords at home,” said Ron Ferber, President of RFA Brands, creators of Powerbag.  “With Powerbag, a charge is as close as the bag on your shoulder which, by the way, also does a very nice job of carrying books, notebooks, files, gym clothes, make-up, bottled water and other daily essentials.”


The Powerbag will be available  at Best Buy, OfficeMax, FYE, and other retailers starting in October and it will retail for $139.99. It’s a shame that the look of the bag is quite masculine, but if it charges my devices without me having to fight over an outlet at the airport – I’m sold.

Update 10/4/2011 – Check out our full review of the PowerBag here.

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