Get the R2-D2 USB Drive Instead of the Star Wars Blu-ray Collection

Really, though, how many Star Wars boxed sets can you be expected to buy? It’s time to take a stand against George Lucas (OK, maybe not that big of a stand, he still wins either way) and go in a different direction. This USB drive is the Star Wars merchandise you’re looking for.

The R2D2 2GB USB drive is a spot-on model of everyone’s favorite beeping and blooping (and sometimes shrieking) droid. Unfortunately, taking his head cap off won’t give you a recorded message from Princess Leia, but you will score a copy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Preview and Game. That’s not the worst consolation prize in the world. It’s available now off ToyWiz.com for the reasonable price of $15. Sure beats whatever the umpteenth boxed set is going to cost you.