Crosley Debuts Ranchero the Vintage Looking iPod Dock for Audiophiles

Crosley might be more commonly known for their turntable converters or jukeboxes, but recently they have been dabbling in iPod docks too. The Ranchero is their latest attempt at making retro cool. This system is being labeled as an audiophile AM/FM Receiver with Dock for the iPod and iPhone. This tabletop radio sports a vintage flare, but packs in an acoustically tuned and ported speaker enclosure. The AM/FM tuner harks back to simpler days with its silver dial that requires you to manually turn the dial through your radio till you get that perfect station.  The same can be said with the silver volume jog. The Ranchero has a universal iPod dock, 3″ studio driver and support for external audio devices that can’t be docked.

The Ranchero should also look great in any setting, and it might even make some nostalgic for the days of Orson Welles and his War of the Worlds radio show.

The Ranchero comes in red or black and will retail for $199.95.