Barbie Pink in Pantone Doll Celebrates Her Favorite Color

There is a new Barbie coming to town, and it’s not the usual Barbie we’ve come to expect. It’s been a busy week for Barbie. First Barbie got all tatted up by Tokidoki and now she is going back to her pink roots. This latest Barbie Pink in Pantone Doll is clad in a pink dress made out of Pantone PMS 219 color chips, which just happens to be Barbie’s signature pink color.  Even the flower accent at the top of the dress is made of Pantone Chips, and Barbie is wearing shoes that also say “PMS 219” on them. To top it off she is also sporting silver earrings and black bangles. That Barbie, always the fashion forward icon.

The dress is supposed to celebrate Barbie’s fashion heritage, and in particular, her fondness for this specific pink color. It certainly seems like Mattel might be running out of ideas for new Barbie dolls, either that or perhaps it’s that Pantone is really pimping itself out anyway it can – Ed Hardy style. After all, you can find everything from Pantone mugs to Pantone colored socks nowadays.

Either way, at $52.99, Barbie Pink in Pantone Doll is definitely a Barbie that is designed for the adult collector and it would make a heck of a gift for the graphics / print designer in your life too. The Barbie Pink in Pantone Doll will go on sale in January 2012.