BlackBerry 9900 Series Gets a Platinum and Crystal Bezel

Remember when smartphones were a status symbol, showing that you were on the cutting edge of tech and style? Those days are long gone now that everyone and their mother is Facebooking and Tweeting on the go. It’s just not enough to show off that you have a smartphone anymore.

But wait! There’s still a way to transform a smartphone into something that will turn heads again. See this limited edition BlackBerry 9900, now with a platinum dipped bezel studded with Swarovski crystals. Of course, on a sunny day, heads might be turning away to prevent blindness, but that sounds like a problem for people who don’t have crystal studded smartphones!

Each of the smartphones is dipped in platinum, then outfitted with 5,000 high grade Swarovski Chatons around the bezel. Want a blinged out (with real bling!) BlackBerry? It’ll only run you £1200, or about $1860. Might have to cut down on those paid apps to get there.


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