ColorWare iPhone 4S Will Cost $1500 But it Will Be Very Prettttyyy!

Well someone couldn’t wait to get their clutches on the iPhone 4S already. It’s not even out a full day and ColorWare is already offering customized ones. That’s right—you can customize the back, home button, frame, earbuds and even SIM tray. You can turn your iPhone 4S into a technicolor dreamcoat if you want to.

ColorWare has a knack for colorizing all the latest and greatest gadgets and audio hardware and even a Segway or two. So, why should the iPhone 4S be any different?

How much will it cost you to have your very own rainbow-colored iPhone 4S? How about $1,500 for a brand new one or $250 if you send yours in? ColorWare gives you two choices when buying an unlocked iPhone 4S. You can either get a 16GB version for $1500 or a 64GB version for $1700 and if you add soft touch paint, that will be an extra $10, thank you very much!

I think I’ll get a spray can and call it a day…

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