Control the Ferrari Enzo Toy Car with an iPhone App

The future of remote controlled toys is here. Unsurprisingly, the remote has become another unnecessary device, its entire reason for being being swallowed whole by the insatiable smartphone.

Silverlit has released the Ferrari Enzo Toy Car, a richly detailed, hobby grade remote controlled vehicle, in conjunction with an app for all mobile iOS devices. The app controls the car, which is a little more robust than the standard backwards and forwards and left and right joysticks. The toy car is capable of various speeds, has multi-racing steering, and sports head, tail, and turning lights. Communication between car and device is made possible through Bluetooth.

Silverlit has a whole line of these remote controlled vehicles, called the Blue Sky Series. You can also check out their Blue Sky Heli, complete with helicopter sound effects and gyro stabilization.

These two are a step above the common remote controlled toy. These are solid, well crafted, detailed products, and the price reflects that – about $80 per toy. Both will be available for the 2011 holiday season. The Blue Sky Series is recommended for ages 8 and up, so if you want to get a home run gift with your future millionaire speed addict, look no further.

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