Daylight Saving Time 2011 Ends This Weekend

A gentle reminder – the time change is coming up. Don’t worry, though. This one is the cool time change that gives you an extra hour of sleep, unlike its evil, sleep sucking stepsister in Spring. This weekend, at 2:00 AM on November 6th, Daylight Saving Time will end, and revert back to Standard Time. You’ll need to wind back the clock one hour, going back in time (incredible!) to 1:00 AM, at least for all of your old-fashioned gadgetry that won’t do it automatically. If you live in Arizona or Hawaii, just ignore this article. You guys are some of the lucky few that get to avoid this hassle altogether, joining Asia (no, not you Iran, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia), most of Africa (apologies to Morocco and Namibia), and a little over half of South America (sorry Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil – you’re stuck time traveling with the rest of us). The southern part of Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada round out the time changing party. No word on whether or not the penguins in Antarctica bother.

Confused yet? That raises the question – why do we even bother with Daylight Saving Time in the first place? Is that extra hour of daylight shifted to the afternoon from the morning all that important? The problems with the system are obvious – people coming in an hour late or early to work or school because they forgot to change their clocks, lost sleep, and messed up sleep schedules that leave a good number of us feeling drained for months. So, what do we get out of the deal? Do we get anything out of the deal?

A few people in the past seemed to think so. The idea might have started with Benjamin Franklin. Ever keen to be early to bed and early to rise, Franklin noticed that the Sun was getting up before he did, and (possibly half kidding) wondered publicly about how much more could be accomplished with that lost hour. Granted, this was before electric lighting. The man had a point.

No one got serious about the suggestion until World Wars I and II, when both sides of the wars enacted Daylight Saving Time at different points in order to cut down on energy consumption, rerouting resources into the war effort. It was thought that by tacking on an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon, less electricity would be needed overall. For a while, they were right.

Today, things are less certain. Studies have been done both supporting and debunking the use of Daylight Saving Time as a means of cutting energy consumption. One thing that doesn’t need to be researched, though – that lost hour sleep doesn’t really go over well with anyone. You can check out a little bit more about those studies in this article, detailing both sides of the argument.

So, once again, don’t forget – this week, set your clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time. After all, the only thing worse than coming to work an hour late because you botched the time change is coming into work an hour early.

Update – Thank you to commenters Jason McCormick and David for pointing out errors.


  1. So, daylight savings time is also helpful for the farmers.  Those extra hours of sunlight makes harvesting and planting a lot easier. 

  2. There are “extra hours”??  BS.  You are just tricking yourself into getting up an hour earlier.  If you want an “extra hour” of daylight without observing DST, just get out of bed an hour earlier.

  3. J….Liz is a dingbat.  Spouts a bunch of nonsense without thinking about it.  Just check her yahoo profile.  She’s an airhead.

  4. One needs only to talk to small dairy farmers, cows have a built in clock and it tells them when to let down their milk. Having been one of those small dairy farmers, one learns that cows just don’t adjust to the milk hauler that comes an hour earlier which requires the farmer to start milking an hour earlier. Everything works out fine except the milk production is less. It’s bad enough what winter does to milk production in the colder regions but it does hurt that milk check the farmer relys on.

  5. I can’t believe no one caught the bigger mistake, “Daylight Savings Time will end, and revert back to Daylight Standard Time.”Daylight STANDARD Time?” There is no such thing as “Daylight Standard Time”.

    Personally, I think we should abandon this artifact of railroads and wars and go back to local sidereal time. Everybody’s into “local food”; why not “local time”? Wherever you are, set your clock so that at noon the sun is due south. Yes, I’m sure there’s an iPhone app for that.

  6. Except everybody who knows that Wikipedia falls short on grammar of the Associated Press’s Stylebook, which since at least 2007 has stated: “daylight saving time Not savings. No hyphen.” 

    Watch your fingers.

  7. No San, you gain an hour. Lets say you get up at 7 am.  When you set your clock back, what would have been 7 am will now be 6 am.  So you get to sleep one more hour.

  8. There is no such thing as “Daylight Standard Time.”  There’s Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time.  In the fall we revert to standard time.  If you live in the east, it’s Eastern Standard Time (as opposed to Eastern Daylight Time in the summer).

  9. It fell on my bday last year. I prefer my day of birth, march friday the 13 1987 over march day light savings the 13 2001.

  10. If et wurnt fer peepull lik “The Grammar Hammer” thin thuh wurld wuld bee ignerent.

    Fix that asshole.  And FYI, I’ve never met anyone whose said, “Daylight Saving Time.”  Why don’t you get a life and quit trolling on internet sites to fix everyone’s non-important grammar errors.

  11. Cool time change?  I think NOT!  I’d rather lose an hour of sleep than be in the dark at 4:30PM!  As a matter of fact, I’d happily lose multiple hours of sleep to avoid the early darkness.  

  12. Woo Hoo!  Arizona rocks!

    However, The Navajo Nation, which takes up about the NorthEast quarter of Arizona does observe DST.  Drives me nuts since I work both off and on the reservation!

  13. Oh, forgot to mention, “Only the government can cut one end off a blanket, sew it on the other end and tell you it’s longer”.

    My favorite DST quote!

  14. Whoever agreed to make daylight savings time didn’t have kids. In the Fall, the rest of the population may get an extra hour of sleep, but for those of us with kids –especially toddlers– it means we get up at the same time, but according to the clock it’s an hour earlier. Then we end up going to bed an hour later, thus losing sleep. In the Spring we kinda get more sleep, but we have to fight with the kids to get them to go to sleep earlier. It’s a no-win situation. I think they should take a vote.

  15. Be happy you live in the northern hemisphere because we average just a little bit more then 12 hours per day in a year!

  16. Dairy Farmer’s wife here… sigh, the “extra” sunlight does help but being we work nearly ’round the clock, it doesn’t matter if there is a big yellow ball in the sky or smaller white n black one… the LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG  Harvest season (due to rain and then that delightful snow of 10 inches) makes it sort’a hard to harvest the soybean and corn. Thankful for the harvest… just need a boat to do it from.

  17. DST is extremely benificial to those farmers who have another job.  Many farmers have a full time day job, and then farm after their fulltime jobs.  DST helps to extend daylight for an extra hour so that they can get more done.  They don’t have the luxury of “Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow” when it comes to the farming. 

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