Duo Pop Turns the iPad into a Mulitiplayer Board Game

The iPad will hopefully become the party game platform it always should have been thanks to Discovery Bay Games‘ release of the Duo Pop and Duo Plink. Both work with apps made specifically for the peripherals included, turning your iPad into a home board game platform.

The Duo Pop comes with a wireless receiver and four buzzers. All the apps made for the Duo Pop are basically the same – quiz show games where you need to buzz in first and answer the question correctly. So far, there are three apps available – Guesstimation, Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown, and Saturday Night Live – The Game. The latter does indeed focus on trivia from the long-running NBC classic, focusing mostly on the line-ups of the ’90s.

Also released was Duo Plink, a container that you ‘plink’ tokens into depending on what your answer to the question is. There are two different areas for the two choices, and the device handles all the score keeping, based on those tokens, automatically. So far, there are just two apps available for Plink – The Smithsonian Artifact or Fiction App and Yoomi.

Duo Pop and Duo Plink are available now in stores for about $40 and $30, respectively. The app games cost $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. It’ll be like Jeopardy in your house every night – how can you say no to that? Here’s hoping your iPad never goes Watson on you, though.