HEX Icon Watch Band is Ready for Muppet Time with the iPod Nano

At Apple’s latest press conference, we saw that the iPod Nano was getting a little more wrist friendly with several new watch faces that can be used on the device. A few of those new watch faces boast some cartoon/puppet goodness with Disney and Muppet themes. On the heels of that announcement, HEX is releasing its line of Icon watch bands, designed to fit the iPod Nano.

The Nano itself locks into a stainless steel cover, thanks to a sturdy clasp. The watch bands are polycarbonate, and come in five soft colors (blue, green, purple, black, and white) that are going to go perfectly with the new toon watch faces on the Nano. The green band pretty much nails Kermit’s shade of green.

The HEX Icon watch bands sell for about $40 on HEX’s website. Who said it’s not easy being green?