Don’t Drink Duff While Using the Homer Simpson Skateboard

Don’t have a cow, man! The Simpsons isn’t going anywhere, staving off its potential death by contract dispute with a new two-year contract. You can celebrate with a sweet skateboard from Urban Collector that would make Bart and Homer proud. If you want to, you can channel Bart around town with this Homer Simpson Skateboard, but a piece of work this nice is probably better suited staying at home and looking pretty. That said, there’s value and bragging rights in being known around town as ‘that girl or guy with the Simpsons skateboard.’ Just hold off on the Duff if you do – as Homer said, “To alcohol – the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” In this case, it’ll probably be the cause of a broken arm and a messed up skateboard. And you might not want to mess this skateboard up – the Homer Simpson Skateboard will cost you about $145 from Urban Collector’s website.

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