Limited Edition Beats Studio by Dr. Dre Get Their Colors On

Sometimes you just can’t redesign a classic, but if you just add a new coat of color to it, it makes a classic piece of headphone gear look spanking new. That is exactly what Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster have unveiled today with five new colors for the Limited Edition Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones. The new available colors include pink, blue, red, white, orange, purple, and silver.

Not much has changed overall in regards to specs, but apparently the need to have different colored Studio’s was very important to consumers. Companies like Colorware have been customizing Beats by Dr. Dre headphones for awhile now and have been successful at it. So why not just make it that way out of the box, with a warranty to back it up?

If you thought you didn’t see enough of thee Beats by Dr. Dre headphones walking around the streets… get ready to see a lot more… just louder and more bolder than ever.

The Limited Edition Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones will retail for $349.95 $299, and they go on sale October 16th.

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Update 10/12/2011:

Here are more specs from the press release:

Chic Colors
Switch up your style with multiple colors to match any occasion.
Extreme Comfort
Plush ear cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable materials keep you cool, even during marathon listening
Superior Sound Isolation
Active, powered noise cancellation to deliver pure audio performance.
Scratch-Resistant Gloss Finish
Advanced materials make Studios stand out from the crowd and the hard, scratch-resistant finish keeps them
looking good, even with heavy use.
Ready for iPhone®, Blackberry®, and Music Phones
Studios come with an additional Monster iSoniTalk™ headphone cable with built-in call answer button and
microphone so you can easily stop the rock and start the talk.
Folding Design and Touring Case
Studios’ three-way folding design makes packing a breeze and the touring case features rugged construction
for enhanced protection of your headphones.

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