PowerBag Backpack by Ful Review, The Go-To Bag for Geeks

These days it seems technology is too powerful for the batteries inside of them! Most people are lucky to get by on a full days use out of their smartphone battery. We happily present to you: PowerBag Backpack by Ful —  the tech-friendly backpack. The PowerBag backpack which is designed by ful and produced by RFA brands features a large battery and built-in chargers that can charge multiple devices simultaneously with a charge for up to four smartphones.

The PowerBag Backpack by Ful is a medium to large sized backpack built tough. It has suspension contoured back straps that help handle the heaviest of packing jobs. The outside material is tough, durable, and water resistant. There is a really cool padded side pocket intended to keep your laptop or tablet safe and separated. The front pocket is large with organizers for your electronics, tablets, and other small items. This is where the battery pack is stored; it’s roughly the size of the original game boy, if you can remember! The back pocket is large and empty, it expands and contracts a good amount depending on the amount of stuff inside. There’s one side pocket with two elastic pockets and two charging cables inside. One charging cable has Micro-USB and Mini-USB connectors and the other is an iPhone/iPod/iPad charging cable.

One of the coolest features, which we actually had to read about to discover, is that the rubber PowerBag logo is actually a button! Press it once and any number of four lights will illuminate depending on battery life. Hold it for two seconds and the battery will start charging up to four devices with the built-in Mini-USB, Micro-USB, and Apple connectors. There’s even an open USB port to charge any other USB device imaginable. The battery is 6000mAh, which is roughly four full smartphone charges. Speaking of the battery, Ful’s website says that the PowerBag Backpack comes with a replaceable and rechargeable 3000mAh battery, while the Powerbag Deluxe comes with a 6000mAh battery. That said, our review unit came with a 6000mAh battery. PowerBag’s battery has overload protection so you can’t accidentally overload a specific device, PowerBag will stop charging that specific device. There is an included AC wall charger to charge PowerBag. You can either plug the adapter into the charging port on the side of the backpack, or you can plug it straight into the backpack’s removable battery.

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The backpack has comfortable large cushioned straps with a sternum strap. Each strap has a reflective strip along the top for your safety. I took PowerBag on a four day trip with me — it was still packed to the brim with clothes and electronics. PowerBag is great at accommodating a large amount of stuff. It’s also just as good at maintaining a small and light form with a minimal amount of stuff. I was impressed with how durable and versatile the PowerBag is. The battery also seemed to last forever. I charged my devices and friends’ devices sporadically throughout the trip and the battery lasted the entire time. I only had a few small gripes.

Firstly, a second side pocket would be nice. The only side pocket is great for charging a cell phone and a bluetooth headset (or something), but it would have been convenient to have another small pocket for a bottle of water or my keys. None of the organizer pockets in the front are zippered or sealable (except for the tablet pocket which has a velcro flap). Lastly, the laptop compartment doesn’t prevent laptops from sliding around, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

I’m pleased to announce that the PowerBag Backpack by Ful is my new go-to backpack. You instantly become everyone’s best friend when they realize devices can be charged simultaneously with enough juice to go around. In its current form the PowerBag is quite masculine, I know plenty of ladies who need to charge on the go as well! Hopefully future versions of the bag will at least be a bit more unisex but right now it is very much a geek guys go-to bag.  The PowerBag Backpack by Ful is available in black, blue, or red for $139.99 from mypowerbag.com.

The Good: Comfortable, Durable, Large Battery (4 smartphone charges), Battery Indicator, Isolated Side Laptop Pocket, Dedicated Tablet Charger, Built -in Charging Adapters, Good Expansion, Battery Overload Protection

The Bad: Could Benefit from More Sealed Pockets, No Waist Strap, Adapter Cables are Short, Laptops can Slide around Pocket