TheBlu Brings the Deep Blue Sea to Life on the Web

TheBlu is about as ambitious of a web project as you can get, but with social networking where it is today, it seems like the time is right. Some of the world’s leading digital artists are leading the way for theBlu, an attempt to recreate the ocean in the open, accessible seas of the World Wide Web.

TheBlu is going to be one of the first large-scale projects to be created by the Maker Media platform, an open, collaborative software that will allow people all over the world to chip in to recreate the mysterious, unexplored depths of the ocean that many would never see otherwise.

So far, artists who have worked on films such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, What Dreams May Come, and Wall-E and games like Resistance and Homefront will be collaborating to create the initial world of theBlu. There are many avid divers and ocean explorers on the founding team as well. It looks like an Ocean’s 11 style gathering of talent to recreate the deep blue sea.

Creation isn’t just for the big names, though. Once theBlu goes live, users can submit their own creations, which will be curated by the staff and, if accepted, made a part of the virtual world. Those users whose artwork is accepted will be paid based on the popularity of their submissions among the general public. There are virtually no limits to what is possible – theBlu can be used as a biology lesson, a call to action for activists, or a way to scuba dive without ever getting wet. The creators are relying on open source ingenuity to create something truly special. Currently, theBlu is in invite-only beta, which you can try to get in on if you go to the website.