MacBook Pro and iPad Go Hipster with the V-Neck Sleeve Shirt

Tired of all of those boring old cases for your iPad or MacBook Pro? Looking for something with a bit more style that compliments your hipster wardrobe? Well Computer Apparel has got you covered. Computer Apparel has announced the Original V Neck Sleeve, a machine washable, computer sleeve made from high-quality cotton and padding.  Yes, now you can match your laptop when you go out hanging at a local coffee shop to blog.  The Original V Neck Sleeve also features pockets to stash chargers, papers, and even your iPhone in a the front breast pocket of the sleeve.

The back of the sleeve features a zipper to keep your laptop or iPad tucked away safely and an additional pocket for just storing papers. But perhaps the best part is that the V-Neck Sleeve is like any other cotton t-shirt you own – so it can be machine washed if it gets dirty. After all, it might get the usual pit stains from After Effects rendering or too many benchmark speed tests.




The Computer Apparel V-Neck Sleeve retails for $59.99 to $69.99 respectively, depending on the size of your laptop. The V-Neck for iPad retails for $49.99. You can get the sleeves in either fuchsia, navy, gray, white or black. What’s next? A cargo jacket?!