Apple Special One-Day Sale Offers Discounts on iPad, iMac, and Air

Apple is giving thanks to its customers and saving them some money TODAY ONLY. So if you waited 364 days for the one day of the year that Apple finally offers a discount on its products, it has arrived.

Here is what is on sale – The iPad 2 which starts at $499 for the 16GB version has now been slashed to $458. On the higher end, if you choose a 64GB version,  you will save a whole $68 bucks off the regular $699 price tag. If you decide now is the time to go with a MacBook Air, you will save $101 on each model and its respective specs.  The same goes with the the iMac and MacBook Pro, each model will be discounted $101 dollars regardless of its specs and size.

There are also various docks, cases, keyboards and other accessories that all have been discounted significantly more than the iMac, iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However you will notice that not one iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S model made the special sale list today for Black Friday. Lastly, if you buy any of these items online you will also get free shipping.

Now these discounts may not be much in comparison to some of the other Black Friday sales going on around town, but we have no doubt that each Apple store will be left nearly bare, since discounts on Apple products are so rare.