iPhone App of the Week: Baby Got Back App Celebrates 20 Years of Booty

Oh. My. God. Becky, look at this app. Yes, it’s that Baby Got Back. Remember that classic? Of course you do. Sir Mix-a-Lot’s infectious claim to fame is celebrating 20 years of paying tribute to ample backsides. And, just in case you thought that the ’90s classic is dead and gone, know that Baby Got Back is the sixth result when you type baby into the YouTube search bar. So, there’s that. Now, Mix-a-Lot is bringing booty into the 21st century with the Baby Got Back app, filled from top to bottom with gratuitous assets. No lie.

Features include Mix Makeover, a photo manipulation program that can use photos stored onto your device. I could give you details, but I’m pretty sure you can see where this one is going. Gamers can enjoy the Ba Dunka Dunk game, a raucous romp of rumps through the many obstacles to be found up in the club. There’s also a robust educational component, as you can join Sir Mix-a-Lot in Booty Calls, and discover the subtle differences in form between Da Onion, the Donkey, the Switch & Drop, the Palm, and the Hip Gripper, among many others. And, of course, the app wouldn’t be complete without the legendary (and briefly banned by MTV) music video.

So, for $0.99, you can slide over to the iTunes App Store and celebrate 20 years of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s masterpiece. You’ll be hooked. You won’t be able to stop staring.

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