First Ever Beats by Dr. Dre Commercial Airs

The first Beats By Dr. Dre television ad has premiered, promoting the new Limited Edition Beats Studio Colors. The ad, which includes a slight nod to Best Buy, where Beats are sold, features a world devoid of color and Dre doing something about that – by chucking water balloons at people rocking Beats, giving them a face full of color.  It’s nice to that the Dr. is in the house and showing a softer side and having fun. You can see he enjoyed chucking those balloons.  It is also very apparent that with the pop-up store and now the commercial, that the beats brand has completely come full circle and if you haven’t seen and heard of these headphones till now. You are definitely living in a bubble. There are some quality slow-mo shots of people getting rocked in the face by the balloons, as an added bonus. Most of the paint kinda misses the headphones, but we’re reassured in the final frame that they figured that problem out in the factory for the finished product. The spot features Nero’s song Me & You, and should see plenty of airtime in the run-up to Christmas.

Beats By Dre are available in blue, orange, purple, silver, and pink, and sell for about $300 from Best Buy.