Bing Hearts Justin Bieber and Xbox, Top Searches for 2011

Bing has released their top searches in the United States for 2011, which is fascinating, mainly because there is still one month left in 2011. Looks like Bing is getting a head start in letting us all know what was in 2011. The results aren’t too shocking.

If Bing hits had an award equivalent to Best Picture at the Oscars, it would probably be most searched person of the year. This year, that honor would go to the young Justin Bieber, knocking off the always intriguing Kim Kardashian from the throne of public obsession. Kardashian didn’t fall far – she’s still listed as second to the pint-sized pop star. Interest in President Obama fell significantly, as the Commander-in-Chief went from #5 to #49. Taking over the #5 spot was Jennifer Lopez, finding renewed interest after being ranked #50 last year.

The Casey Anthony trial, called the social media trial of the century by Time magazine, was the most searched news event in 2011. Rounding out the top 10 were the major natural disasters of the year;  Hurricane Irene (#3), the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (#4), and the Joplin Tornado (#6), the major anniversaries of the year; the 9/11 ten year anniversary (#8) and the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti (#10), and the major deaths of the year; Amy Winehouse (#5) and Osama Bin Laden (#2). The Conrad Murray Trial came in at #7, while the Republican candidates for president joined up to take the #9 spot, which is probably the only thing they will join up on from now until March, aside from the occasional Obama bashing. Somehow, the wildfire-like spread of revolution throughout the Middle East could not crack the top 10.

Maria Sharapova was the most-searched athlete this year, and since her only tournament victory this year was in the Western & Southern Open (I didn’t watch it, either), one can only assume her skyrocketing popularity was due to other features possibly unrelated to tennis. Credit rising to the #2 ranked women’s tennis player in the world earlier this year for putting Sharapova back on the map, though. The scandal and struggle-plagued Tiger Woods came in at #2, while Serena Williams came in at #3. It’s also interesting to note that Caroline Wozniacki came in at #5 – must be something about those female tennis players this year.

The Xbox 360 took top honors in electronics this year, with the Kindle coming in second. Unsurprisingly, fourth place went to the hottest gadget that never existed (at least not yet) – the mythical iPhone 5. American Idol continued its reign of dominance in television, with Dancing With the Stars and Glee rounding out the top three.

Bing has a whole lot more categories, including most searched movie and most searched celebrity event (hint: it’s the royal wedding). You can peruse them at your leisure here.

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