2012 Ford Escape is Kicking it With 11 New Features

Ready to Escape with Ford? Well the new Ford Escape SUV arrives next year with some bells and whistles that will make driving even more cost efficient, and more intuitive too with smart technologies at your fingertips.  There will be a total of 11 new exclusive features in all that will debut with the 2012 Escape that should certainly make car enthusiasts curious about this new model.

•    There is extra storage for all your Target shopping.
•    The hands-free power liftgate is a unique technology that with the swipe of your foot, the trunk door opens automatically. This allows you to safety stow your packages without having to fumble for keys and dropping everything everywhere. This is perfect for moms who have their hands full with kids and bags.
•    Better fuel economy.
•    Ford Intelligent 4WD System provides your Escape even better traction on rough roads.
•    MyFord Touch features multiple ways for drivers to connect with their cars information, as well as make hands-free phone calls while behind the wheel. And besides being a hub for communication, it also serves as a source of entertainment.
•    The Escape now features a sensor-based BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert. BLIS will alert you when a car is entering your blind spots, or if  you are about to hit a car while you are parking.
•    Lastly, the the new Ford Escape will keep your speed in check when you turn the corner too fast by slowing your vehicle down so that you don’t hit the little old lady crossing the street.

Those are just a few of the highlights the new Ford Escape has to offer. Overall, the 2012 Ford Escape is sporting an ambitious collection of features that should certainly entice consumers to check it out.


Update: Check out our hands-on photos of the 2012 Ford Escape
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  1. I do not like he look of the new Escape for 2012.  Having owned one previously and thinking of buying one next year I have decided to look at other options… they haver ruined the look of the Explorer and the Escape.   The new escape looks like a Honda CRV.   If I wanted a Honda I would buy one.   Ford just lost my purchase.

  2. We were waiting for the new Escape to come out to purchase one. It’s ugly and a crossover too boot. I don’t like it and my wife hates it. We’ll look for something else.

  3. We were looking at the chevy equinox, but waited to see the new Escape.  Glad we waited, the 2012 looks way better than the previous generation Escape, and will have new engine options as well.  Way to go Ford! 

  4. Thank You – I posted this on Facebook – Take the body of a KUGA, Tech of SYNC, Audio of SONY and some VOLVO features and build the new Escape soon… I currently drive a Honda CR-V and love it, but believe Ford has the ability to be a leading domestic and world-wide auto company.