Skype Freetalk Connect Me Home Phone Adapter Review

There are tons of ways to use Skype nowadays, whether it’s via an app on your smartphone or tablet, or even a dedicated handset like the GE 31591GE1 Digital Cordless Telephone for Skype that we previously reviewed. The new Freetalk Connect Me Home Phone Adapter is another device that makes it super convenient for people with landlines and landline handsets, to jump on the Skype bandwagon. The idea here is that the Freetalk Connect Me Home Phone Adapter lets you use your old home phone to make calls from your Skype account. That includes the ability to make Skype to Skype calls, and Skype to Mobile and landline calls.

The obvious benefit from using the FREETALK Home Phone Adapter is that you can keep using your landline phone – your home phone becomes a dual device that is able to make and receive both Skype calls and landline calls. But even if you don’t have an active landline, but you do have an old landline home phone lying around, you can still use the FREETALK Home Phone Adapter with the landline handset.

The Freetalk Connect Me Home Phone Adapter comes bundled with an ethernet cable for connecting the device to your router, and a telephone cord for connecting to your home phone. But before you can get started making calls, you’ll first have to run through an initial set-up wizard on your computer. The Connect Me adapter can be set-up on both a Mac or a PC. Once you have done that, the phone adapter automatically syncs up with your Skype account. The included quick start guide helped direct us through the initial set-up. Overall, we found the process pretty straight forward and it took just a few minutes to get up and running.

Once the device is up and running, you’ll have to use the device’s browser-based admin interface to configure its settings. The admin interface is pretty basic and enables access to your Skype contacts. It also lets you specify whether or not your home phone handset should default from making calls via your landline or Skype account. If you set the device to default to make calls using your Skype account, you can always dial out with your landline by dialing “#” before the phone number. Overall, the call quality experience of using Skype with the Freetalk Connect me adapter is good, but we found that the better your home phone handset is, the better the calls will sound.

The FREETALK Home Phone Adapter for Skype costs as little as $39.99 on Amazon, and that includes a voucher for up to 60 minutes of international calls. Alternatively, for $59.99, you can pick up the adapter bundled with a year’s worth of calling to the U.S.A. and Canada, or for the same price you can get it bundled with with 3 months of unlimited calls to landlines worldwide. All in all, the FREETALK Home Phone Adapter is a pretty good value. It’s also a great solution for those wanting to use Skype more conveniently, but not willing to give up their landlines and / or landline handsets just yet. That said, the device is somewhat limited in the way that it doesn’t offer access to some of Skype’s primary functions. For example, you cant use use your home phone handset with the Connect Me adapter to directly access Skype contacts, or to refill your account – without loading up a web browser. So if having access to more Skype functions is important to you, and you still want to continue using your landline, we recommend checking out the GE 31591GE1 Digital Cordless Telephone for Skype. But overall, the FREETALK Home Phone Adapter is a solid device that manages to successfully bring together your Skype account and landline in harmony.

The Good: Lets you make and receive Skype calls from your home phone, easy to set-up, affordable bundles

The Bad: Doesn’t offer as much features and access to all of Skype’s functions the way a Skype app or dedicated Skype phone would


  1. Skype dealer, “eBay” is very frustrating company. I bought “Skype Free Talk” but I received defective one. They responded me almost one week after my initial complain.
    Then next response was almost two weeks after.
    It took almost month and half to get refund.

  2. The lack of supportfrom Freetalk company is turning me off for this product. Impossible to get support to do a firmware upgrade.