Freetalk Connect All System Brings Skype to Offices

It’s getting even easier for everyone to find low-cost telephone alternatives, with services like Skype expanding their offerings rapidly. Now, the Freetalk Connect All is available for businesses looking to get connected to a new, cheaper network. The Connect All allows office landline phones to connect to Skype’s network to make and receive calls. The device itself features mic and headphone ports and two USB ports on the front, and two ethernet ports, 4 USB ports, and 3 telephony ports on the rear. With this device, all office calls can be handled via Skype, without needing to be on the computer.

It will likely be cheaper for businesses in the long run to use the Freetalk Connect All than it would be to stand pat, but the buy-in cost is high, at $895. You can purchase the Freetalk Connect All system off Skype’s website now.