HP ENVY 15 and 17 Get Revamped for the Holidays

HP’s popular ENVY series of PCs has aged well, but it was time for a refresh. And that is just what HP has gone ahead and done by revamping the HP ENVY 15 and 17’s design and specs, just in time for the holiday season.

This time around the ENVY has taken the audio experience to the next level, and has even integrated the Beats audio experience into its design. Under the hood the ENVY now packs in a total of 6 speakers and a subwoofer, along with Beats by Dr. Dre audio. Plus, a slick aluminum dial has also been thrown on that works as an analog volume dial, as well as being designed to work with the Beats Audio Manager software for tweaking audio levels.

The new design features the HP Radiance Backlit Keyboard which uses LEDs on each keycap. There is also an advance proximity sensor built-in which is able to detect when you approach the keyboard to illuminate the keyboard. Likewise, it will deactivate when you go away from the laptop.

Both computers will be able to run on processors as good as Intel’s quad-core processors and can also be configured with graphics cards from the AMD Mobility Radeon HD series. HDMI and display-ports are included for connecting up-to three displays,  and battery life is said to be as great as 9 hours. The ENVY can ofcourse be configured with SSDs, while the HP ENVY 17 can be configured with up-to two hard drives at once.

The new ENVY laptops are hitting stores on December 7th. The HP ENVY 15 starts at $1,099, while the HP ENVY 17 starts at $1,249.99. The HP ENVY 17 3D model will sell for 1,599.99.

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  1. A MacBook Pro clone? REALLY?!! Enough already! I really-really like this HP laptop. Here’s the whole story why. Simply, the HP Envy 17 is mostly the best of two worlds: genuine work and real fun. Being the fortunate recipient of this magnificent monster of a PC for my birthday, it has resolved all of my serious work related and down-time computer fun issues. Someone noticed me doing my homework on 17-inch PCs. Hewlett-Packard rightly should pump fists in the air for staying loyal to the Envy series’ creation and continued production.

    The HP Envy 17 is the portable desktop workhorse I’ve been waiting for, and at a truly fair price. In fact, it comes with the quality of built-in upgradable options that will give me my monies worth of real use over time. I recommend getting 6 to 8 gigabytes of memory for fast processing and the newer software that’s coming in 2012 and beyond. Thankfully, I was given the 8 GB I need for my heavy small business work, and weekend high-def games. The quality is durable, stylish and clean. The overall computing engine and user functions make the Envy 17 a genuinely enviable choice if you’re considering a strong, feature-rich, and truly affordable PC in these shaky economic times. I hope HP continues its loyalty and widely promotes this great product.

    Inevitably, there will be the comparisons to other laptop computers, both Windows and Mac. No matter how hard anyone may want to churn the Apple hype, feature-for-feature, the HP Envy 17 stomps MacBook Pros and anything similar to them. That’s fact over hype. It’s not a Mac killer or competitor. Having used a MacBookPro, I believe it out-classes them. Envy 17 is really a PC game changer, period!

    Compare the actual specs, along with the many potential ways the HP Envy 17 can be used right out of the box and over time. Among my friends that now drool at my new birthday machine are a fine artist, gamer, architect, two musicians, an office administrator, a video hog, and one public official. If you’re like me and need to get some serious heavy-duty work done, and then have some outrageous entertainment fun, this very portable laptop PC is the one.

    Moreover, the price is fair and affordable for its class, quality, features and user-friendly assets. Dollar-for-dollar, you get more than what you pay. For me, it was a birthday gift. Thankfully, I received my top PC wish for 2011-2012 and beyond: the HP Envy 17. I didn’t mention that it has a wrap-around Beats Audio system, and a bass-pounding sub-woofer on the bottom. OMG!!! My Hip-Hop classics, Jazz and Classical music now have a new life, even without headphones.

    Again, please do your homework, take a little time to compare the specs with other hot brands. You’re likely to spend your money wisely on an HP Envy 17. In stressful financial times (to use for night college, self-employment, personal finances, secure online shopping, bill paying, home entertainment, or better job searching), this will surely be your best computer investment over at least the next five years. Maybe you’ll receive yours as an unexpected gift too.