With its massive 4.7″ display, the HTC TITAN couldn’t be more appropriately named. With its massive display, the TITAN actually sports the biggest display of any Windows Phone device to date. Yet despite its large display real estate, it manages to stay slim with a 9.9mm thick body. Overall, the HTC TITAN is a welcome addition to the Windows Phone line-up that should help Windows phone keep up with the competing Android devices with large displays and thin form-factors, that seem to be coming out almost daily. Read on for our full review.

The HTC Titan measures 5.18″ x 2.78″ x 0.39″, and weighs 5.6 ounces. The unibody design of the HTC TITAN is handsome, yet uninspiring, and even a little bland. That said, its build quality feels stop notch. And despite having a large display, with its rounded edges, it feels comfortable to hold in your hands. That said, the device is a bit too big for my hands, and takes some getting used to. However, if you have big hands / fingers, than boy is this the smartphone for you! The on-screen keyboard experience in Windows Phone is second to none, and thanks to the TITAN’S extra large 4.7″ display, this onscreen keyboard is a dream for those with big hands. We also appreciate that the TITAN doesn’t get too greasy the way the Galaxy S II or DROID RAZR, and other similarly large display smartphones do.

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The TITAN’S 4.7″ display packs in a healthy 480 x 800 resolution. Although it would be nice if they would have packed in some extra pixels, there is nothing to complain about with this display. Visuals are sharp, bright and vivid. The display does a wonderful job of showing off Windows Phone 7.5’s sleek U.I. in all of its glory.

Under the hood the TITAN packs in a 1.5GHz processor. This processor is hardly cutting edge by today’s dual-core standards, but performance on the device feels plenty peppy regardless. The device comes with just 512MB of ram, but unlike with so many similarly specked Android phones, this doesn’t seem to hamper the performance on the TITAN. The TITAN also comes with 16GB of onboard storage. Unfortunately, there is no MicroSD slot for adding additional storage.

The HTC Titan is also one of the first Windows Phones to come running Windows Phone 7.5, AKA Mango. We’re not going to go into detail about Windows Phone 7.5, since we talked about it more in depth during our HTC Radar Review. However, we will say that Mango brings tons of welcome improvements to Windows Phone 7. The OS performs better and is a whole lot more polished in terms of features. As a matter of fact, the more time we spend time with Windows Phone 7.5, the more we have become smitten with it. It’s the best smartphone OS that no one is talking about (well not enough anyway), and that is a shame.

Battery life on the HTC TITAN is ok for a smartphone in its class, with such a large display. You can get through a day with moderate use. Fortunately, unlike with so many other competing Windows Phones, the battery on the TITAN is removable. That said, if you’re looking for great battery life, check out the HTC Radar 4G.

We found web surfing on the HTC TITAN to be a super speedy experience running on AT&T’s HSPA+ network. As a matter of fact, it’s proven to be the fastest Windows Phone we have tested yet.

The HTC Titan packs in an 8MP rear-facing camera with a F2.2 lens, dual LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures), along with a 1.3MP front-facing camera. This camera is very good, and one of the best ones you can find on a smartphone. Outdoor photos are very good, sharp and colorful with accurate color reproduction. Indoor photos are pretty good too, and manage to stay sharp.

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Overall, we’re walking away very impressed with the HTC TITAN. It’s a super capable Windows Phone device that can put up a good fight with competing large-screen Android devices like the Galaxy S II or DROID RAZR. The HTC TITAN is not perfect, but is indeed one of our favorite large-sized display smartphones, and it does an excellent job of offering the Windows Phone experience in all of its glory. You can pick up the HTC Titan for as low as $99 with a 2 year contract.

The Good: Battery is removable; excellent large display; great performance; excellent build quality; if u have big hands / fingers – this is the phone for you; great camera

The Bad: No MicroSD card slot; device’s size might be too big for some hands; bland design; device is a bit on the hefty side

Update May 22, 2012: Check out our full review of the HTC Titan II, which is an update to the Titan that offers support for AT&T’s 4G LTE network.


  1. Nice review, I find it interesting that people compare big screen Windows Phones to Android and small screen Windows Phones to iPhone when the real problem is iPhone screen size is simply too small.  Also the lack of MicroSD is because Microsoft only wants carriers using speedy NAND memory and not slow microSD cards.  Microsoft gives OEMs the option though, it is just too fickle.  I had to try two different cards before finding one that can keep up in the Samsung Focus.

  2. Surprisingly thin and light, I really have become attached to this device in recent weeks. Keep the apps coming, because that is the only remaining piece still lagging behind competitors. Also, typing on this keyboard on the titan is speedier than typing on the iPhones keyboard. Whatever phone ends up beating this is going to be one truly perfect phone…

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