Earn Your Wings with the OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to keep practicality in mind. A day-to-day gift that will never outlive its usefulness is the order of the day. Does a full-sized pod flight simulator qualify? Sure, why not? Good luck fitting it in a stocking, though.

The OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator is a special order item that you can have installed in your home, and it is everything you could want in a flight simulator. The pod is a recreation of an actual cockpit, complete with flight controls – you’ll finally be able to figure out what all those buttons and levers do after all these years.

But, controls alone do not a flight simulator make. The OVO-4 also recreates the sights, sounds, and feelings of real flight. You’ll feel the shaking of turbulence, the lurch of take-off, the rumbling of the engines, and the crying baby in the first row of the economy section (OK, maybe not that last one). The OVO-4 even adjusts the light inside the cockpit to reflect day to night changes. Three 24” TFT panoramic monitors are your windows to the simulated outside world.

The OVO-4 runs on Microsoft Flight Simulator X, a user-friendly software that won’t require too much training (though some training is included in the asking price). Using the software, you can choose which airport you want to depart from, and adjust weather conditions, so you can recreate the thrill of barreling through a violent thunderstorm at 35,000 feet. Who needs amusement parks?

So, make practicality the order of the day with the OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator. It’ll only set you back £35,995, or about $57,300, but hey – you get free shipping! That’s a pretty good deal, right? Right? The warranty lasts for two years, and the whole rig is 260cm X 240cm X 210cm, and weighs about 1,000 kg, or about 2,200 pounds. Prepare for take-off!


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