Out With the Old, In With the New – Top 5 Products to Dump During RadioShack’s Trade and Save Program

RadioShack is aiming to make holiday shopping a little easier on the wallet by offering store credit for all the old tech you have lying around the house, collecting dust. As long as the gear is still in working condition, RadioShack will appraise the items in-store. If you want, you can also get your items appraised online, print shipping labels, and send the items off to RadioShack, though that seems like a lot more work than just throwing everything in a box and heading to your local store. While you rummage through the house trying to find your unused tech, here are our top 5 picks for gadgets that need to go this holiday season.

iPhone 3GS

Yeah, I know, it seems like you just got it. But with the iPhone 4S bringing the awesome personal digital assistant/overlord that is Siri, how can you not be a little tempted to upgrade? Throw in that dual-core A5 processor, and it gets harder to resist. The iPhone 3GS is still fresh enough to score you a lot more store credit than a lot of other gadgets will this holiday season. Constant upgrading is practically a requirement for tech these days – might as well cash in now while it still has some value.

Nintendo Wii

A lot of people still use their Nintendo Wii these days, but let’s be honest – the console hasn’t gotten a reputation for being a dust collector for nothing. Some of you probably even forgot you had one. Maybe the Wii Fit regimen didn’t work out, or maybe you figured out that the swing and waggle action of Wii Sports wasn’t going to be fun forever. Whatever the reason for the Wii fading into obscurity, it’s worth noting that its successor, the Wii U, is in the Mario Bros.’ pipeline. Might as well get some value now, and save some extra money for the next generation. Who knows, maybe you can get a little extra for that Wii Fit balancing board, too.

Zune HD

When the manufacturer stops production, you know something went wrong. Microsoft has stopped producing the Zune, focusing on their line of Windows 7 phones. If you’re stuck with a Zune, you have to know there’s not much of a future for the device, unless that future means extra cash that you can use to score a gadget that’s still going strong in the marketplace. Sorry Zune fans, it might finally be time to jump off the sinking ship.

Nintendo 3DS

Unfortunately, the big N has to make the list again. The Nintendo 3DS has been nothing short of a debacle since its release, giving its owners headaches (literally), without a whole lot of enjoyment thanks to a disappointing game library. Now, Nintendo is trying to make up for design flaws by releasing a clunky second joystick attachment. The future looks grim for this ill-fated device, with rumors of a redesign and a new product abounding in all corners of the Internet. Value might take a tumble should a redesign become official. You might not want to wait until then.

Amazon Kindle

Trade them in while they’re hot! That way, you have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket once the Kindle Fire comes out, Amazon’s newest, brightest media powerhouse. If you’re willing to bid a fond farewell to the magic of e-Ink, head over to your local RadioShack and get a little hard-earned green back in your wallet. Your budget this holiday season will be grateful for it.

Have your box of junk ready? Turn it into treasure today at participating RadioShack stores thanks to the holiday Trade and Save Program.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: This article has been sponsored by RadioShack. All opinions are my own.