SOL REPUBLIC Tracks and ColorWare Get Soulful with Colors

The latest trend in headphones is starting to be all about how colorful they are. FannyWangs debuted their custom color service for their line-up of headphones this past week, Beats by Dr. Dre is offering up limited edition pairs of colorful Beats Studios, and now SOL REPUBLIC has handed over their headphones to ColorWare to be pimped out in all the colors of the rainbow.

We reviewed the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks not too long ago and knew they would be destined for customization greatness because the headband could be completely separated from the ear cups. It just seemed on par for the course of the company to do something creative with that aspect of the headphones. Now, with this ColorWare collaboration, it certainly looks like they have, and like with all things that ColorWare gets their hands on, the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks can also have every bit of it customized with different colors. The headband, headband logo, disc, disc logo and ear cup can all be colorized. You get the point.

ColorWare will only be providing new units of these headphones, so if you want a pair of technicolor SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD it will set you back $250. SOL REPUBLIC Tracks will cost $225. And if you just want to have the headband alone customized, then that will run you $50.